Eric Lansdown builds doll houses and birdcages?

He might put it this way. 

I build portraits of romantic architecture, a castle in Spain perhaps?

I can propose a bridge, a renaissance ch√Ęteau, a pavilion or villa Roman, an aviary, vitrine or a tower to guard your space or maybe an arboretum.

This is the first website devoted to the subject of Eric Lansdown's architectural art.

In the past I depended on agents, exhibitions, galleries and catalog companies for exposure. The Internet has changed the way an artist can present his work and here I hope to communicate more directly to develop a vision with a client.

Here will include galleries of everything possible, including previous and new works, works in progress, proposed designs and how a design is developed. There will be old magazine coverage, notable catalogs and news clippings.

These pages will attempt to show how visions are developed and how that vision can be realized.

2015 :

Today I live in Gabian France, my previous studios were in San Francisco until 1996. The new studio is in a 14th century bishop's house built into the old city wall, the rampart.

For the last few seasons I have been practicing new and old techniques as well as developing new and old designs that I would love to persue.

I am ready and the new studio is now open for business. I can produce one commission at a time. Some projects are taken to a presentable level to be finished to the preferences of a future client. 

There are some smaller finished pieces available now and grander works in waiting (for a client), but there are few limits to what could be!

Mission statement :

I will spend the rest of my time working to design and build the finest pieces possible. All the artisanal and artistic skills I possess will be applied to developing further these same skills. With luck I will be able to pass some of these skills and inspiration on to others. To that end the plan is to develop a non profit training program here in the south of France. Sharing the knowledge of my skills has always been a rewarding pleasure and as a person matures it can become more important to pass the knowledge along.

The days are past, those of trying to produce the most of the best because that leads to compromise. From now on it will be to produce the best of the best and that which pleases the spirit of creativity will hopefully sustain itself financially.

To do any of this an artist must successfully promote and sell his or her work and that is the object of this website.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your visit,

Eric Lansdown